LP4/ST37 Split 7″ (2010)

LP4/ST 37 Split "Monster/Lactating Purple"

LP4/ST37 Split Single “Monster/Lactating Purple” ( 7″, USA, 2010)

LP4/ST37 Split  7″ (USA, 2010)

This was kind of lead up to Horns of Ammon and, as such, the track was one of the songs from the Album.  We had thought up this idea of doing three releases in one year.  As it turned out we got in just two.

The artwork is by another talented Houston artist, Eli Sebastian Brumbaughwho we’d wanted to collaborate with for a cover ever since we got him to do a poster for the show we played with MV & EE years before.

Here is how we pimped it on our press release: “ST 37 contributes a fearful cover of Helios Creed’s “Lactating Purple” while the Lp4’s  “Monster” follows with it’s neo-psychedelic guitar vortex of sound taking listeners on a Lovecraftian tale of alien possession.”  Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

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