We’re playing CCSD’s Novemberfest.

Hi folks,

We’re a little behind on our blogging here* but we’re finally getting back to sending transmissions and for starters we have a new show to announce – Novemberfest.  Charlie’s good friends with one of the good folks over at Houston’s C.C.S.C (Connoisseurs Club of Smoking & Drinking) and he asked Charlie if we were interested in playing their annual festival.  Let’s see, over 40 kegs of homebrew along with brats?  Hmmm, let me think about this… how about…Hell Yes!

The whole thing takes place November 3rd starting at 2pm over at the Catty Corner Icehouse and we will be playing with Project Grimm, Dead End Cowboys, and DJ Diablo.  You can find more info over at Beer Advocate or just check our live show page.  See you all there.

*I just got pics from the FTW show so I promise I will finally blog on that this weekend.