Nursing our Bryan, Texas Hangovers

Holy Crapola do I have a nasty hangover but dang if that wasn’t one hella fun show last night in Bryan! Great crowd, Revolution was a fantastic little venue, and The ExOptimists and Funeral Horse totally killed it in every manner conceivable!

Time to nurse our wounds, pass out for a few more hours, and recover from last night then let’s do this again tonight in Houston!

Photo Kelly Minnis

Photo Kelly Minnis

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What up? Well, Shows, Jamkazam, and LP4 Laboratory Work. That’s What!

Hey, I know we’re behind on posting but we don’t have large attention spans and we get distracted easily  by the smallest things: Larry’s latest brew, killing the next level boss in Dark Souls, ESA’s Rosetta mission, NASA’s Orion Launch, buying some idiotic musical equipment we can’t really afford, new episodes of Adventure Time, wondering which new D&D manual to buy first or why Tony Stark such an utter dick in the latest issues of Iron Man, and LOOK shiny objects… shiny, shiny objects..  Look, there’s one now!  Oh right! See what I mean?  Our company physician has been telling us it’s all that herb, beer, and 100 Watt Marshall stacks and she’s convinced we’re hopeless and doomed from all the damage done to our neurons.

Anyhow, despite the lack of posts over the last few weeks we are actually up and doing junk.  Tonight we head up north to play with our friends The Ex-Optimists and Funeral Horse in Bryan, Texas and then, tomorrow night, we play our last show of the year at Rudz with the same cats.  Should be fun. Come on out.

We also did a gig for this cool company called Jam Kazam on Wednesday night.  The idea is like a Go To Meeting for musicians where they can just plug-in and play with people from around the world.  Kind of cool and they had us spread over three homes in the Houston suburbs so we could play remotely.  Connection problems not withstanding, it worked really well – we were able to hear each other pretty well and react to what we were doing pretty well too.  So it was fun to be Guinea pigs for these guys and we’d likely have even done this for free but they actually paid us which was kind of cherry on the icing of the experience.  They may post video of us performing on their Kickstarter so that may be pretty hilarious.  The service is still in its infancy and from talking with them it’s clear they are looking to add features to make it even more cool but you guys should check it out at some point if you are interested in this kind of thing.  Kind of neat.

Anyhow, after we finish up with our upcoming shows, we’ll be going down into the deep bowels of the LP4 bunker laboratories to prepare for our next album.  We’ll be quiet for a while but that’s only because when you conduct the kind of heavy-duty musical experiments we conduct, it requires complete mental focus… that or herb, beer, and 100 Watt Marshall stacks.

Cheers folks, see y’all soon.

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Shout out to The Wild Moccasins and Galveston Island



As we wait for Philae to land on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, I just wanted to give a shout-out to one of our fellow Houston bands, The Wild Moccasins.

They just had their video for “Eye Makeup” premiered on NPR last week with a nice write-up by Ann Powers (which is a big deal for a Houston Band if your name is not Beyoncé).  It’s been fun to watch the Moccasins develop musically and artistically over the years.  It almost seems like one minute they were playing a warehouse party and the next minute they are on tour with Of Montreal. (There’s a lot of hard work in between all that of course.) Now, in their most cuckoo move yet, they’ve gone all out Andy Warhol (which goes with nicely with the whole disco thing) for the new video and it’s a total hoot. You should check it out.

10748180_552817734851607_856131391_nI find one coincidence here a bit amusing and that’s the location of Galveston Island.   It’s impossible to call two videos in the space of about two weeks a trend in Houston music, but it is funny how both their video and our video feature Galveston island and the Moccasins video just kind of hammers the point home for me that Houston is just too damn respectable these days.  Its architecture and trees seem to be constantly demolished to make way for the next great luxury apartments – out with the old in with the new.  That may be wonderful to those oil workers sucking off the teat of the current oil boom, but it makes for a very dull and uninteresting backdrop for any filmmaker. When you’re filming, you need character and that new fancy luxury apartment complex with the expensive “simple southern food” restaurant that serves $21 meatloaf just ain’t gonna cut it.  On the other hand, do you think a place like Lafitte would ever survive in Houston these days?  Helks no!  That’s why you gotta drive down a ways to get to some real character and Galveston still has that intact.

I know that when I went to go shoot backdrops for Cthulhu’s island on the jetties and at Fort Travis as well as the beach for the closing scene, I remember thinking how lucky I was to have Galveston nearby because Houston just wasn’t gonna cut it.  Houston is money now and the thing is, money is kind of dull.  I mean yes, of course you need it to get you by and all that junk but, in and of itself, it’s somewhat boring stuff and I guarantee you that any one of the Galveston queens in the Moccasin’ video has more interesting stories to tell you than any passel of Houston bourgeois. So, thank you Galveston and thank you Moccasins for keepin’ it real.

YouTube Preview Image
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“C is for Cthulhu” now fully unleashed!

Today we have one last announcement and that is that the video is now open for embedding anywhere and you can even download it from Vimeo.  Look, we now even have a YouTube version…

YouTube Preview Image

So share and share away, and thanks everyone – the folks who helped us and the fans who’ve been so kind.  This was a lot of work but well worth it.

The LP4

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Big Takeover Premieres “C is for Cthulhu”

Big Takeover is a wonderful scrappy zine that has been around for 34 years. For decades, it’s celebrated D.I.Y. in all its wild and woolly forms and so we’re more than honored to have Jack Rabid’s labor of love premiere our new video, “C is for Cthulhu.”  Go and check it out now!!!!





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It’s “C is for Cthulhu” release day!!!

C is ForCthulhu (7", USA 2014)

C is ForCthulhu
(7″, USA 2014)


Yes folks, today is the day you’ve been waiting for!  The day when “C is for Cthulhu” is unleashed into the world.

The 7″ is available now for download on CDBaby, Itunes, Bandcamp, or your favorite music download website.  For you fans of vinyl, you can order a copy on our Bandcamp !!! We only made 310 copies of this so once they are gone, that’s it – poof.   Here have a look-see.  We think they look pretty keen.

7' includes sticker, one red vinyl (sides 1 & 2 shown), playing card, and a download card (not pictured)

7′ includes sticker, one red vinyl (sides 1 & 2 shown), playing card, and a download card (not pictured)


Look for the video release later today!
Cheers and thanks for all your support,
The LP4

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Looking back at the record release and looking forward to tomorrow’s video premiere

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday.  ’twas fun.
Here are some pics we pulled from folks on the internetz.
Don’t forget to check out the video on The Big Takeover tomorrow.

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Big Announcement! 2014 Tour Dates!!!!!!

For years, you’ve asked us to tour outside of Texas and while we’ve played a few festivals over the years we’ve never really done a big, Big, BIG tour before.  Well that day has arrived as over the next few weeks we will roll our way onto an adventure like never before.  Charlie has been busy preparing maps and pouring over as much material as he can in preparation for this and we think he’s booked us a pretty awesome tour.  The kick-off, of course, is this Saturday at Rudyard’s with Dallas’ epic heavy Wo Fat. From there we’ll have stops in the Dungeons of the Slave Lords, the rustic and charming Keep on the Borderlands, a quick stop to see the Shrine of the Kuo Tua (which is better to see in the Spring when the peonies bloom, but we’re on a schedule), the real happenin’ college town of Ravenloft, the scenic Forbidden City and their enthusiastic Dwellers, the wild and wooly Barrier Peaks, a required stop at the Temple of Elemental Evil (Larry is really into their chili dogs!), the world-famous White Plume Mountain (yes, THAT White Plume Mountain), and then winding up back in Houston for CCSD’s Novembeerfest!  Should be fun!  See you guys soon!

C is for Cthulhu 2014 Tour Dates 

10/25 – Rudyard’s British Pub
10/26 – Dungeons of the Slave Lords
10/27 – The Keep on the Borderlands
10/30 – Shrine of the Kuo Tua
10/31 – Ravenloft
11/1 – Forbidden City
11/2 – Barrier Peaks.
11/6 – Temple of Elemental Evil
11/7 – White Plume Mountain
11/8 – CCSD Novembeerfest

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Watch the “C is for Cthulhu” trailer!!!

YouTube Preview Image



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It’s official – The C is for Cthulhu Video is done!!!


Wooooop!  Animated GIF Hi-Five!!!!!

Wooooop! Animated GIF Hi-Five!!!!!


Break out the Champagne, folks!  At 7:09PM GMT today, Clinton was the last to review the “C is for Cthulhu” video and give it a thumbs up!  It’s now 100% official; this huge beast of a project is done!!!

To give you an idea about how big a deal it is, keep in mind that we have been working on this for over a year.  The earliest e-mail that I can find that mentions the video as a storyboard is from August 3rd of 2013:

“…what I have worked out so far is Stevie (as some cross between Ahab and Herzog) leading an expedition to the island.  One of the members gets cold feet and Stevie pulls a gun on him to get him to continue.  The guy refuses and Stevie shoots him.  The rest of it isn’t fully worked out but the expedition continues and they read hieroglyphs or runes on some great door and push it open.   Cthulhu emerges and they flee in panic.  Cthulhu eats Stevie’s crew.  Stevie is cornered into the rocks and jumps into the ocean.  As the songs ends he washes ashore barely alive.”

So, assuming I wrote that not long after working out the first storyboard…let’s call it August 1st… Jeez!  That’s one year, two months, and 10 days from start to finish!!

And that’s not even counting back when we were just talking about crazy junk like this one idea we had where Cthulhu would attack railroad cars, pick up a Lone Star Beer  tanker, and drink it which would set Stevie into a rage that would make him grow 500 times bigger and get into a Godzilla fight with Cthulhu.  Wow!  Actually, come to think of it, that was a pretty boss idea!

Anyhow, it’s done with the local premiere happening at Rudz on October 25 and the world premiere happening on The Big Takeover’s website on the 28th.  Thanks everyone who helped out.  Here are some pics to recap this whole insane process.


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