The LP4’s wandering in the desert comes to an end soon!

mosesLong have we wandered in the rock and roll desert, far away from the stage, lights, and drunken revelers.  Yea, for even though it has been merely months since we stepped foot on stage – wandering the arid lands of the studio with only a steady supply of Shiner to quench our thirst – it has felt like 40 freaking years.

Yet, our exile ends soon! Yea, for we are happy to announce that soon we reach the promised land – a land flowing with milk and honey… no wait, I meant booze and beer – a land we call Rudyards and the person to lead us out of this desert is no Jewish centenarian wielding a staff but the lovely Doomstress  Alexis herself wielding her bass guitar.  Yes, that is right folks, we’re playing this year’s Doomsgiving!

So, come on out December 5th for the 4th Annual Doomsgiving w/ Project Armageddon, ourselves, and The Dirty Seeds.  We can’t wait to get back on stage, crank up the amps, knock back some brew, and lose our voices halfway through the set.

Ah yes, it will be so good to be back!
Hope to see you there.

The LP4



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Houston Press interviews Clinton and Brandon on “Planck”

Hey folks,

Nathan Smith has a nice little article today in the Houston Press where he chats it up with Clinton and Brandon about “Planck” and answers the question (one of the best phrased questions we’ve ever had, I might add) “Just how did Brown hook up with a band that burns more bud than most of his students? ” Nice article and much thanks to Nathan and the Press.

Check it out here..

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Planck – Video and Digital Single available today!!!!

We are happy to announce that the new digital single, Planck, is available now as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud!  Oh and here is a little video we threw together.

If you are interested in the inspiration for the song, check out the book Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War by Brandon Brown on Oxford University Press.  Brandon also wrote most of the lyrics. For more on this track check out the Planck page in our discography section.



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Last half of May is a big month: Loudfest & New Single!!!

“It’s 100 miles to LOUDFEST, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

Planck (Digital Single, USA 2015)

Yup we’re pretty excited about hitting the stage this Saturday at Loudfest in Bryan, Texas.  Playing Bryan last year was  fun, fun, fun (…raised to the fun power) and we can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones this weekend.  Bonus for you folks attending, you will get to hear the live debut of “Planck.” That’s our new single that will make its online debut a few weeks later on Tuesday 26 May as both a video and a “pay what you want” digital track on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Hope to see you all this weekend,
Cheers the LP4


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We are pleased to announce that we are now on a new label – Italy’s Vincebus Eruptum!!!!

We said we had some big news and today it’s official, Italian Psych label Vincebus Eruptum has been kind enough to take us aboard their fine flagship.

This all came about not long after we did that interview for their zine.  You see, in that interview, we mentioned how vinyl here in the states was, for various reasons, just becoming too costly and time consuming. Essentially it was becoming a game for the big labels and it just didn’t make sense for us to release vinyl ourselves.   I guess this struck a nerve with Davide as, not long after the interview, he offered to have us aboard his lovely label and release our albums on, yes, LP!!!  We gratefully accepted his offer and the first of these releases will be “Ampalanche” which was already in the works.  In fact, we sent Davide the demos and he gave us a thumbs up so “Hoist the sails, lads!”

PlanckOver the summer, we’ll be working on tracks and videos and you’ll even be able to hear  a preview of the album soon as we will be releasing one track online – a song we wrote for the book “Planck – Driven by Vision, Broken by War” by Brandon R. Brown – to coincide with Oxford University Press’ release of the book.  As mentioned before we wrote the song with the author (who penned most of the lyrics) and we’re trying to see if we can do some kind of small release show for the book/single this summer though, as we mentioned in an earlier post, live shows will be especially tricky over the next few months so any release show will be a cross our fingers kind of thing.

Anyhow, thanks to Davide and Vincebus Eruptum.  Stay tuned, we have many more rabbits to pull out of our hat soon.  In the meantime, here is the announcement from posted by VE this morning:

VINCEBUS ERUPTUM is REALLY proud to announce that the new album, “Ampalanche”, by our heroes THE LINUS PAULING QUARTET will be published on vinyl on VE Recordings!!!

The Texas based band is currently exploring psych regions of their home planet, collecting new and mysterious sonic specimens, and recording its findings as new audio tracks for the album…

Release date is planned for November 2015.

Stay tuned for more details!!!


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Loudfest may be one of your few chances to the the LP4 live this year.

LoudfestsmallAs much as we hate to announce it, 2015 will be a year that affords us few opportunities to perform live.  Much like Gandalf would leave his companions to deal with grave matters elsewhere, our percussive pillar of Rock and Roll, Larry, has announced that until November he may be called off at random points to deal with various wizarding  matters and that, as such, we cannot commit to any shows until the end of this year.

No matter!  What we lose on the road we will gain in recording music and shooting video at White Plume Mountain.  It will all be time well spent: a new album is in the works, a video too, and, of course, the afore mentioned release of the “Planck” single to accompany the new Brandon Brown book.   (BTW – That track is already completed and being mastered for release in coordination with Oxford University Press’ PR people.) So, fear not, LP4 friends!  This respite from the stage is only temporary! As our plans come into fruition, you will soon see that 2015 will have a lot in store for us.

In the meantime, come out and have fun with us at Loudfest in a few weeks.  It will be fun!  It will be loud! …and we’d love nothing more than to knock back a few cold ones with y’all!

Cheers from our lair in White Plume Mountain

The LP4

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Prepare for our return oh ye of Bryan, Texas for our brave party will indeed be journeying forth out of our recording studio stronghold beneath White Plume Mountain to play for thee at this year’s Loudfest!

New tunes will make their debut!  Rock will reign down like rivers of blood! For yea, we will crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women!  For, as Crom would have it, that is what is best in life…

… that and strong and hearty ale.

More information on your forthcoming doom can be found in the following sacred tome:



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Congratulations to The Suffers!!!


I’m not sure if it made it into the final print version of interview of Vincebus Eruptum but in there we threw some props out to The Suffers.  Somehow, I suspect that many of you folks in the EU who read the interview may not already be familiar with these cats or their vocalist extraordinaire Kam Franklin.  Luckily, they just had their national television debut on the David Letterman show last night and they killed it.  So here ya go….

YouTube Preview Image

I think all of Houston stayed up last night to see them do their thing in front of a national audience. That is one hard working band and they rightly deserve the attention so we just wanted to give big kudos and hopes for continued success to The Suffers and our hats off as well to their guy in the trenches, Mark C. Austin, who’s done a lot of hard work behind the scenes.




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Pre-Order Vincebus Eruptum #19

Hey folks, we just wanted to let you know that you can pre-order a copy of the next issue of Vincebus Eruptum.  Just click on the image of the cover just over there on the left.  It has an interview with us and some other cool bands plus it’s a pretty cool zine.  It comes out 10 April and when that happens, we’ll have a pretty big announcement to make.  (wink wink nudge nudge)  

Stay tuned.




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We’re releasing a song this summer for the book Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War




I know, we said we weren’t going to announce or post anything until it was 100% done but this cat is kind of out of the bag right now anyhow so we may as well announce it. We’re doing a slightly different type of release this summer…

We’re releasing a song for a book!  

Yup, a while back Brandon Brown, a buddy who we’ve known since high school, was telling us about a new book he was writing for Oxford University Press about Max Planck.  I asked him if I could get an advance copy and loved the book so much that I asked him if he minded us writing a song for the book and Brandon was totally down with the idea.  So I came up with this chord progression and a melody, Clinton (the better vocalist by far) later took over on vocals, added an some Heiderian melodic touches, an opening, and a coda to the song, and all three of us (Brandon, Clinton and I) collaborated on the lyrics and before we knew it, voila – hey, we have a new song for the next album.

But here is the thing, unlike the other songs we are recording, this one will be released digitally to coincide with the release of the book.  I’m not sure exactly how that will work.  Will it be a different version than the album version? How will we post it on-line?  How will we do the release show?  We don’t know.  We’ve never done this and I don’t think the folks at Oxford have ever done something where a Book has a song written for it.  It’s the usual LP4, hey this sounds like it’d be fun and so we just kind of do it only to find that’s not the way folks go about doing things.  We’re weird that way.  However this turns out I can at least report that we’ve been having a good time recording the basic tracks and should easily be able to have it ready to go by July of this year which is the estimated release date of the book.

So keep a look out for this over the summer and check out Brandon’s book over at Oxford; it’s really, really good ( ) and, for good measure, here is the book’s Facebook Page ( ).

Oh and here are some pics of the sessions.

Until next time, Cheers from the LP4



Clinton and Larry Recording Basic Tracks for “Planck”

Ramon Laying down tracks for "Planck"

Ramon Laying down tracks for “Planck”

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