Psychedelic Battles Volume 3 available today! So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.


Good morning, friends. Here we are. After all these many years, what may very well be the final Linus Pauling Quartet release, Psychedelic Battles Volume 3, is finally available today – Monday 10 July 2017 .    Included is the 15-minute long “Jólaköttur” which has every single member of the…

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Psychedelic Battles Volume Three – Available 10 July 2017

Linus Pauling Quartet/ Colt .38
Psychedelic Battles Volume Three
(Vincebus Eruptum, Split LP, 2017)

PSYCHEDELIC BATTLES: MISSION REPORT URGENT From: Viperfish Command Vessel – S. Finley, Linus Pauling Quartet Central Command To: Vincebus Eruptum Deep Sea Exploration HQ – Davide Pansolin for his eyes only RE: Psychedelic Battles Volume Three – final report Ref. No. 869492 03 July 2017 Davide, I am well aware that it…

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