Updates – new LP4 split coming in June…or maybe September, Hearts of Animals recording, and new material.

New Split with Colt .38 coming in June… or maybe September

Hey, so, if all works out well, looks like what may be the last LP4 recording ( VELP018 – THE LINUS PAULING QUARTET/COLT.38 “Psychedelic Battles Volume Three”) may be out in just over a month.  Per Vincebus Eruptum, we should be seeing this come out some time around June but if some things don’t shake-out it may be put off until September.  Whatever the case, we’re pretty excited here.  Fittingly, this recording has every member of the band performing on it – Clinton, Stephen, Larry, Charlie, Carol, Flip, and Ramon – and the song Jólakötturinn was one that we all helped write.  Also fitting is the fact that this split will feature Trees a song written by Clinton.    So, if this ends up being the final LP4 recording, it will be a good way go out.

Hearts of Animals in the studio and playing with Shonen Knife tonight

As you guys know, Clinton is now focusing his energies behind Mlee Marie’s Hearts of Animals.  Stephen is also in that band so if we ever play a show together that man’s gonna have to work twice as hard but for tonight he’ll have to settle with one performance as the open for Shonen Knife (Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/245052839288616 ).  HOA is working on new material and Stephen gave us a sneak peek at one of the songs and it was pretty bad ass.  Joe Mathlete was said to have said something along the lines of “What the hell happened?  I leave and when I come back Hearts of Animals is now a Rock Band!” which is pretty spot on.  Anyhow, look for their stuff out sometime in the near future and check ’em out tonight if you are in town.


So what is the deal with the band now that Clinton is doing other things?

Yes, so with Clinton’s departure the band dynamic has shifted quite a bit to where we have to do a lot more heavy lifting than we did before but it is coming along quite nicely.  We have some new songs taking shape and the sound will be different enough to where we feel it will not seem right to continue playing as The Linus Pauling Quartet without Clinton.  The band is now Carol, Charlie, Larry, Ramon, and Stephen but we will most assuredly have a new moniker once we play our first show.  If all things go as well as we expect, we should likely start recording sometime in the fall and maybe even play a few shows around then too.  We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming shows and all that here, on our Twitter feed, and Facebook page until such point that we feel it necessary to start a new band website and stuff.  The old LP4 website and Facebook will still be around when we do move on but the activity should accordingly diminish as one would expect.

Anyhow, thanks for all the support

We’ll keep in touch
The LP4

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