Digital Edition of Jólaköttur & Trees Available 05 December 2017

Good morning, dear friends.

We are happy to announce that in two weeks Jólaköttur and Trees will be available for digital download on our Bandcamp, CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Emusic, and any other place you can think of.

This is our half of the fabulous Psychedelic Battles Volume 3  split LP that was released by Vincebus Eruptum on vinyl a few months back.  That edition included four great tracks from Italy’s Colt .38 but sadly, this upcoming version, for obvious reasons, will only contain our tracks.   Because that split LP was so unique, we wanted to make this digital edition special as well – this is all our swan song after all – so Steve took some time in the studio and remastered the two tracks specifically for digital and we commissioned artist Zuhal Muhammad to create a special cover for this digital edition as well.  Here check it out….

Neat, huh?  It’s really great work by Zuhal and he was a wonderful artist to work with.

Now, there is one last thing we need to address in regards to our fans who bought the Vinyl LP.  Yes, you get a free download via Bandcamp.  If you bought a copy of the split-LP and want a digital edition, please contact us via our Bandcamp or Facebook page and we will provide you with a code.  We will set aside 300 download codes specifically for you good folks.  We fully trust that people will be honest with us when they make these requests so don’t fret about sending us a pic with the LP, providing a receipt, or any other way to document your purchase; we trust you guys so don’t sweat it.

In case you are wondering why it took so long, well, given that Jólakötturinn is a Christmas monster, we just picked a date around the start of the advent season.  So we wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  Happy Kwanzaa, Festive Winter Solstice, Sunny Sol Invictus, or simply a lovely winter season with whatever may bring you friends, family, and happiness.


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