4th Annual Christmas Blowout at Rudyards, this Saturday!

1459730_691182584228029_2101148910_nSo yes, it’s that time of year again!  Our esteemed colleagues in Project Grimm, that project that is Grimm, will be hosting their annual Christmas Blowout this coming Saturday, December 21st, at Rudyards on Waugh.  Only $6 measly stinkin’ dollars from out of your ass pocket, and you can see/hear three rippin’ rock bands that will make you question your belief system, and possibly come to believe something crazy like the whole universe is a hologram.  It rocks JUST THAT MUCH.  And you could be there.


We’ll be opening, so get there early.  Usually shows like this kick in sometime between 10 and 11 p.m., so be there on the early side, and enjoy a fine-ass Rudz burger if you’re a meat-eater, and several shots if you are not.  Or maybe the black bean nachos.  I can’t be sure which is more vegetarian-acceptable.


As an added bonus, if you buy one of us a beer, we promise to look at you appreciatively during the subsequent song we play!  So there’s that.  What a guarantee!  What a bargain!  What a show of affection from the band who’s been irritating your earholes for nearly 20 years!  That’s us.

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