Vincebus Eruptum #19


Hey, check it out! Italy’s Vincebus Eruptum has an interview with us in their upcoming issue. We talk about the band’s history, our upcoming album, the economics of vinyl,  making videos, and Charlie speaks in non-sequiturs.   We haven’t gotten it yet (it comes out at the end of March) but it’s a way cool zine that is always graced by some gorgeous artwork so we’re pretty excited.  You know they even run a vinyl only label?  Yeah, they are that cool!    If you haven’t checked them out:

PS. There’s a lot of other cool junk going on right now but, in keeping with our new blogging philosophy, we’re keeping things under our hats until they are signed on the dotted line done.  But keep an ear on the floor, cool stuff is a comin’.



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