Loudfest may be one of your few chances to the the LP4 live this year.

LoudfestsmallAs much as we hate to announce it, 2015 will be a year that affords us few opportunities to perform live.  Much like Gandalf would leave his companions to deal with grave matters elsewhere, our percussive pillar of Rock and Roll, Larry, has announced that until November he may be called off at random points to deal with various wizarding  matters and that, as such, we cannot commit to any shows until the end of this year.

No matter!  What we lose on the road we will gain in recording music and shooting video at White Plume Mountain.  It will all be time well spent: a new album is in the works, a video too, and, of course, the afore mentioned release of the “Planck” single to accompany the new Brandon Brown book.   (BTW – That track is already completed and being mastered for release in coordination with Oxford University Press’ PR people.) So, fear not, LP4 friends!  This respite from the stage is only temporary! As our plans come into fruition, you will soon see that 2015 will have a lot in store for us.

In the meantime, come out and have fun with us at Loudfest in a few weeks.  It will be fun!  It will be loud! …and we’d love nothing more than to knock back a few cold ones with y’all!

Cheers from our lair in White Plume Mountain

The LP4

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