The LP4’s wandering in the desert comes to an end soon!

mosesLong have we wandered in the rock and roll desert, far away from the stage, lights, and drunken revelers.  Yea, for even though it has been merely months since we stepped foot on stage – wandering the arid lands of the studio with only a steady supply of Shiner to quench our thirst – it has felt like 40 freaking years.

Yet, our exile ends soon! Yea, for we are happy to announce that soon we reach the promised land – a land flowing with milk and honey… no wait, I meant booze and beer – a land we call Rudyards and the person to lead us out of this desert is no Jewish centenarian wielding a staff but the lovely Doomstress  Alexis herself wielding her bass guitar.  Yes, that is right folks, we’re playing this year’s Doomsgiving!

So, come on out December 5th for the 4th Annual Doomsgiving w/ Project Armageddon, ourselves, and The Dirty Seeds.  We can’t wait to get back on stage, crank up the amps, knock back some brew, and lose our voices halfway through the set.

Ah yes, it will be so good to be back!
Hope to see you there.

The LP4



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