We play South By Due East this evening

Hey folks, just a friendly reminder that we’ll be playing at South By Due East tonight.  It’s this oddball little festival that Guy Schwarz and Marlo Blue came up back in 2003 after a night of drinking with John Nova Lomax which is likely the best excuse to start a festival you could ever have.  The idea was to just grab a bunch of local acts, have them perform some short sets (10-20 minutes), video tape them, and then pick the best performances to broadcast.  Mind you this started before the days of YouTube, Vimeo, and all that stuff.  Over the years their broadcasts have improved on the AV front and the result is a nice little collection of artists from a wide spectrum of genres from Houston.  It’s an admirable little project and we’re super grateful to Guy and Marlo for extending us an invitation to perform this year.  We’re scheduled to play around 9:30 pm (assuming things run on time) so if you’re in the area, drop by the Last Concert Cafe and have a few beers with us and catch us play a few songs from the new album.


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