Horns of Ammon (2010)

Horns of Ammon CD
Home Skool Rekordz (USA)

Nearly three years after the prior album, the LP4 returned with an album made up largely of songs written between the C6H8O6 and ATAL.  This was a time where the band was experimenting with lighter elements – harmonies, melody, and a less heavy handed approach.  When Southern Pine bridged the gap between the lighter material and the heavier material, ATAL went full force and these songs were left unreleased.    The band always liked the songs but they never quite fit in with the tone of the other records.  So, as a way to clean out the vault and make way for the next heavy stoner-rock album, Bag of Hammers (coming late 2011), the band released Horns of Ammon.

Fun Facts:

  • The press release began as follows “Attention, mortal  fools.  The arrival of the new Linus Pauling Quartet album, Horns of Ammon , is nigh.  After a three years of silence, the LP4 has risen from its deep undersea slumber.” becasue they are geeks and think C’thulu is always good for a laugh.
  • “HAWG!!! was originally intended for ATAL but was simply too long.
  • The cover art is by local artist/musician Chris Cascio.
  • The initials HOA, as has been pointed out, are the same as those of local musician, Mlee Marie’s, Hearts Of Animals.  While a good friend of the band, this is merely coincidence.
  • By request, KTRU got a special version og HAWG!!! that excluded the cry of “MOTHERFUCKER!” That copy is the only authorized clean version of the song.
  • The album was released as part of the “three releases in three formats in one solar revolution” campaign.  Unfortunately, Bag Of Hammers took longer than expected and the original release date of late Spring 2011 had to be pushed back to sometime in late 2011.

Track By Track:

Lost It All – The album starts off not with a bang but with the dreamy-toned sigh of “Lost It All” which, drenched in layered guitars, organ and the almost melancholy vocals by Clinton Heider, suggests that this is not the beat-you-over-the-head stoner rock album fans have come to expect.

Nowhere – Things become more anthemic with Charlie’s “Nowhere.”  Charlie praises bars and Brazos Bend Park over wah pedal slathered guitars and RAWK guitar leads.

Monster – The song by Clinton arrived before the album as part of a 7″ vinyl split single with Austin sister-band, ST 37. ST 37 contributed a fearful cover of Helios Creed’s “Lactating Purple” while the Lp4 contributed this.  “Monster” follows with it’s neo-psychedelic guitar vortex of sound taking listeners on a Lovecraftian tale of alien possession.

Porno in the Sink – The LP4’s then moves to the unrepentant pop with Charlie Horshack (who also penned the song)  leading the chorus denouncing a roommate’s ill-advised filmmaking. The track is notable for the piano work of guest Keith Reynolds who was raging drunk in the studio. Don’t believe us? Note the erratic nature as the track opens as proof.

Concubine – Charlie follows with another song, this time one bansking in straight-up RAWK. The song boasts some excellent backing vocals by Carol Ann Sandin (who also takes over various keyboard and electronic duties on the album) and a lovely guitar solo trade off by Ramon Medina and Clinton Heider.

I’ve Been Down – The album bookends with the quiet jangle of “I’ve Been Down” whose e-bowed guitar leads (Horshack) act as a bookend to the opening track. Live, Clinton changes the lyrics slightly from “I hope someday I’ll find Jesus/ That dude owes me about five bucks” to “That dude knows where to score.”

HAWG!!! – A bonus track for fans who demand that the LP4 turn their shit up, the album closes with the “Bonus” track reissue of “HAWG!!!” which originally appeared as CD #48 in the acclaimed series, Grey Ghost, curated by John Sears in 1997. If 11 minutes of two chords, ridiculous guitar leads, drugs, bikers, underage women, police chases, Otis Redding inspired rave-ups, and proselytizing on the true meaning of rock-and-roll doesn’t satisfy, then look down?. What do you see? Nothing, fool! Your balls have taken the first bus out of town because rock-and-roll is dead to you.


“Horns of Ammon is probably one of the best releases this year,” DJ Astro – PsychotropicZone (Link)

“another example of wry wit, feedback, and fuzz and a sense that there’s no reason to give up on something that at its best can be so very satisfying.” – All Music 3.5/5 stars (Link)

“Most of the songs on Horns are a far cry from the typically heavy, semi-slidgy, headbang-inducing stoner-rock/psych stomp the band’s known for, but what the album shows is really that the Linus Pauling dudes aren’t a one-trick pony — truthfully, they can pretty much pull off anything they want.” – Space City Rock (Link)

“A stopgap album of tracks dating back 3-5 years (between C6H8O6 and All Things Are Light), Horns of Ammon presents a kindler, gentler LP4 – tracks that didn’t quite fit on All Things Are Light. The band always intended to release the recordings, but with a monster double LP due early next year, they wanted to treat their fans with something for the holidays.” – Ptolematic Terrascope (Link)


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