Find What You Love and Let it Kill You (7″ EP, 2013)

Find What You Love and Let It Kill You (7″ EP, USA, 2013)

Find What You Love and Let It Kill You (7″ EP, USA, 2013)

Find What You Love and Let it Kill You
Homeskool Records 7″ EP  (USA, 2013)
(Available July 08, 2013)

I won’t say much about this EP except to say that this is a three-song celebration of someone remarkable, beautiful, and like no other person I’ve ever met. These songs are written for her and her alone.

Thanks to the rest of the band and Mlee Marie (Hearts of Animals) for indulging me on this, for adding their unique touches to these tracks, and not to mention working long hours to record, mix, and master in a matter of weeks so that we could release it on the date I wanted. Ditto for artist Michael C. Rodriguez whose hard work is greatly appreciated. You guys are all awesome.
– Ramon LP4

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Amusing Facts:

The Road’s working title was “George Harrison” because Ramon couldn’t come up with a proper title.

Why no psychedelic oil lamp in the video? The bulb died on the 4th take.

How much booze was involved during the session?   Does this answer your question?

Where does the title to “La Jetée” come from?  A 1962 Chris Marker film ( ).

Where does the title for the EP come from?  Kinky Friedman.  It was advice he gave Ramon after an interview for Free Press Houston.  Despite what the internet may tell you, it is not Charles Bukowski but (and Kinky has assured us of this himself) “a pure Kinky-ism”.


Technical Details

Find What You Love and Let it Kill You

Release date: 08 July 2013

Download Front Cover (PDF 17.03 MB)
Download Inside Cover (with Liner Notes and Lyrics) (PDF 2.78 MB)

Track Listing

Side A – The Road (3:16)
Side B – USA (1:39) / La Jetée (3:56)

All songs written and performed by the LP4:

Stephen Finley:  bass
Clinton Heider:  lead guitars, Backing vocals on “USA”
Charlie Horshack:  guitars, E-Bow and Micro-Korg on “La Jetée”, Backing vocals on “USA”
Larry Liska:  batterie
Ramon “LP4” Medina:  vocals and guitars

Mlee Marie: Harmony on “La Jetée” and Keyboard on “The Road”

Recorded, Engineered, and Mastered by Stephen Finley
May 11 – 28, 2013 @ Digital Warehaus Productions
Assistant Engineer: Joshua Housley
Mixed by the Linus Pauling Quartet
Original Cover Art by: Michael C. Rodriguez
Special Thanks to Kinky Friedman for the advice and letting us use it for the EP Title

All Songs © 2013 by Linus Pauling Quartet, BMI
Released by Homeskool Records under license from the LP4
Homeskool Records, 1001 Texas Ave. Ste 1400,  Houston,  TX 77002

Press Downloads
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“uplifting and flat-out beautiful….utterly gorgeous” – Space City Rock

“The song “La Jetee” is one of the saddest things ever crafted by a Houston band….an album performance that I think people will hold up as a masterpiece for many years to come….It’s the sort of song that when you listen to it you know all the words even before it’s over.”  – Houston Press

“A perfect summer present from an unlikely source” – Ptolemaic Terrascope

FWYLALIKY is short, sweet and has as much to say as Bag of Hammers had to prove.” – Sunrise Ocean Bender

Houston Press Music Awards 2014 – Best Local Recording (Nominated)


The Road – Official Video (2013)
Premiered 05 July 2013 on Sunrise Ocean Bender
(YouTube version:

Album Stream on YouTube

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