LP4/Kryptasthesie Split 7″(1999)


LP4/Kryptasthesie (Mizmaze, 7″, Italy, 1999)

“Jason Bill”
LP4 / Kryptasthesie (Mizmaze, 7″, Italy, 1999)

We were really excited to work with Italian band Kryptasthesie

I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan and so how was I not gonna love this band?  Dario and his lads always brought that same kind of loose expansive, improvised and yet composed feel that I love but they were something totally unique and wonderful at the same time.   One nice thing to come out of our communications across the pond was this 7″ split single. Just a phenomenal and trippy band who are also just super cool dudes.  Needless to say, I was pretty awestruck at the chance to do a split with them.   

Kryptasthesie’s tracks, “Dark Lady incontra Il Suo Fantasma Preferito”  and “Tono Morto,” don’t disappoint (hear them here).  The titles, if you are curious, roughly translated are “Dark Lady finds her favorite ghost” and “Dead Tuna” – see my Italian minor does come in handy every once in a while.

As for our side, this was not long after Charlie and Flip joined.   I can’t say if this is totally accurate but my smoked out boozed out mind recalls this coming from a night where we played two sets at Rudyard’s that we billed as a night with Linus or something of the sort.  Anyhow, this was just some jam we made up on the spot and it evolved into this tribute to Jason Bill of Charalambides whose shirts were indeed used by Charlie to wrap his pipes.  Somewhere in the archives we have a 2 CD set of the show that this live recording is taken from.

One great regret we will always have is not having  taken Kryptasthesie up on their offer to tour with them in Italy.  


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