Thou Shalt Expand Your Mind (V/A 1999)

Ptolemaic Terrascope #26

Thou Shalt Expand Your Mind (Ptolemaic Terrascope, CD, UK, 1999)

“Cole Porter”
Thou Shalt Expand Your Mind ( V/A  Ptolemaic Terrascope, CD, UK, 1999)

Back in 1999 we contributed “Cole Porter II” (listed simply as “Cole Porter”) to the 26th issue of Ptolemaic Terrascope which also included an interview by the Broken Face’s Mats Gustafsson. 

As Charlie recalls, “That was a live version of Cole Porter II.  We submitted it for the comp, and as a result it became one of our better known songs from that era.  I specifically remember the one guy in the front row at Terrastock in Seattle jumping up and down like a frikkin maniac, screaming “COLE PORTERRRRR” over and over again.”

A studio recording of the song appeared on C6H8O6 four years later.

More Details on the release can be found here.

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