HAWG!!! – Grey Ghost #48 (2007)


HAWG!!! – Grey Ghost #48 (Grey Ghost, CD, USA, 2007)

HAWG!!! – Grey Ghost #48 (Grey Ghost, CD, USA, 2007)

This one was a crazy crazy bit of fun.  It’s also likely the most hard to find LP4 item of all because only 13 were ever released.

This is part of a local series put out by John Sears who was this cool dude who lived in Houston and would do well… neat things like the Grey Ghost series. 

The idea of the series was simple – a Houston band would release an original CD-R and sell 13 copies over at Domy Books.  That’s it.  Thirteen copies!  Of course this meant that if you wanted to get one, you’d have to pretty much be at Domy Books the day that we dropped these off.  It was a great idea and there were a lot of gems that came out of this but unfortunately, a lot of this has gotten lost over the years. All that I can find these days is a review of our edition (along with GG’s #42 and #42 releases by Hearts of Animals and a Ben Murphy’s solo recording ) at Space City Rock

As for the track itself.  This was during the All Things Are Light era when we were pretty much hitting our stride on the Rock front.  It was one of those moments where everything just clicked – we started churning out this heavy two chord riff, Clinton made up these utterly asinine biker lyrics, and we even dropped a little Otis Redding rave-up at the end.  It was just too hilarious to not record so we did.  The whole thing is live in the studio – no overdubs – and it’s been one of those songs we love playing live whenever we can give Clinton enough whiskey to trick him into singing it.  What is funny was that Clinton and Charlie did a lot of research on biker lingo.  Before then, I had no idea what an “ape hangar” was.   

The release is so rare that even Discogs doesn’t list it. For ages, people kept asking us for this was a long sought-after track so finally, in 2010, we relented and reissued it on Horns of Ammon.

Note: The artwork is appropriated from the Party Owls 7″ EP Rock Out which was a huge influence on me and Clinton when we were growing up.  I still consider it the greatest EP ever and you can thankfully download a copy of it here for free (link).

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