For Lee Jackson In Space (V/A 2012)

ForLeeJacksonInSpace“Elven Queen”
For Lee Jackson In Space – various artists(Digital Only via Bandcamp, 2012)

Lee Jackson was one of those folks in the Ptolemaic Terarscope family whose energy and enthusiasm suggested his light would never go out.   Yet, in 2012, this beloved scribe and all around good dude lost his battle with ALS to many people’s shock and dismay, ourselves included.  While many of us were to dismayed by the sudden news to think clearly, Mats Gustafsson, Travis Johnson and Ned Raggett somehow got the wonderful idea to ask bands to contribute tracks for an anthology that would celebrate his legacy.  e didn’t even think twice before saying yes after being asked to contribute.

With us hard at work on upcoming projects, it was pretty tricky to squeeze in a new song but Charlie had one laying about and Clinton added a second part to complete it.  Everyone set to work working it out, adding their own parts, and in the matter of a few frantic weeks “Elven Queen,” was emerged as a song as good as any we would release on record.  Lee deserved more than a tosser of a track and we’re pretty proud to say that we feel we delivered.

We highly recommend you download the full album – 94 tracks at over 11 hours –  and not just our track.  While the album originally was used to raise funds towards Texas ALS in tribute to Lee, it is now available as a free download.  It includes many of our favorite artists so we highly recommend you check it out.



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