C is for Cthulhu (7″, 2014)

CthulhuCoverC is for Cthulhu / My Desire
Homeskool Records 7″  (USA, 2014)
(Available October 28, 2014)

C is For Cthulhu

We found him in a horrendous state.   Plagued as he was by fetid, corrosive dreams that consumed his fevered mind, Clinton Heider writhed in his sleep as if vainly attempting to escape the cold embrace of death…or perhaps racing towards its arms in a futile escape from something much more terrifying.  He awoke, grabbing each of us us with such strength that his fingernails pierced skin through clothing.   With eyes that burned – consumed by an incomprehensible madness – he shouted, “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!”  These words meant little to us when uttered but as time passed we came to understand that his words were not borne of hysterical delusions but a result of his having seen beyond our realm and into the true, unimaginable horror that lies hidden underneath the waves.

Slowly, as the brise-filled shroud pulled away from his consciousness, Heider’s jaundiced hand took to his guitar to banish the demons that plagued his soul for those many weeks. “C is for Cthulhu” is not simply a metal song with a truly awesome drop-C metal riff, it is a baleful cry – an exorcism on vinyl – of the horrors to come when the Great Old One rises.


Symbol 2-invertMy Desire

The Pain Teens were one of Houston’s most enduring and accomplished underground bands.  Led by the guitar wizardry of Scott Ayers and the vocal siren call of Bliss Blood, the band made a name for itself with its dark lyrics and dense and often noisy/experimental production.   For the B-Side of this 7″, The Linus Pauling Quartet tackles one of The Pain Teen’s most brutal tracks – “My Desire” from their classic Born in Blood album.  With a triple guitar attack layered behind vocalist Carol Sandin, the band unleashes a sonic assault and gives no quarter.


” LP4 have the insight into what makes It not only a kick in the teeth, but a kick in the pants.” – Mr. Atavist, Sunrise Ocean Bender

“a thundering, fuzzed-out, titanic-sounding slab of drop-tuned stoner-rock… Appropriately, the whole thing stomps and crushes like some mythic beast from the depths, moving slowly but inexorably towards the realms of man where it can feast, and there’s little chance anybody has of stopping it. In short, it’s pretty badass, at times coming off like Mastodon if they were more steeped in old-school horror literature. – Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock


C is for Cthulhu
The Video


VideoPosterVideo Premiere 28 October 2014
on The Big Takeover

C is for Cthulhu is the band’s unique retelling of the Cthulhu mythos starring Stevie Sims and Makana Clemons as intrepid and fearless archaeologists who seek that which should be left unknown.  Employing a rugged captain and his trusty crew (The LP4’s Charlie Ebersbaker with Clinton Heider and Stephen Finley), they sail to the fabled R’lyeh to meet their fate.

The new video was described by The Big Takeover as “insanely ambitious” and by the Houston Press as a  “monumental work” .  Over a year was spent building sets, crafting a stop motion Cthulhu from Scratch, as well as shooting stop motion sequences and live actors.  It’s easily the biggest video the band has made to date.


The Linus Pauling Quartet’s C is for Cthulhu [Official Video] from Ramon LP4 on Vimeo.

YOUTUBE VERSION: http://youtu.be/EEWIpHf85IY


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Picture snapped by Lord Hightower: (l to r) Stephen Finley, Larry Liska, Clinton Heider, Ramon Medina, Charlie Ebersbaker.



The Linus Pauling Quartet Presents

C is for Cthulhu (5:49)
Music & Lyrics by the Linus Pauling Quartet

Stephen Finley: bass
Clinton Heider: rhythm & lead guitar, vocals
Charlie Horshack: synthesizers, organ
Ramon “LP4” Medina: guitar, backing vocals
Larry Liska: batterie

with special guest
Stevie Sims: backing vocals

My Desire (4:46)
Music & Lyrics by Bliss Blood & Scott Ayers*

Stephen Finley: bass
Clinton Heider: guitar
Charlie Horshack: rhythm & lead guitar
Ramon “LP4” Medina: rhythm & lead guitar
Larry Liska: batterie
Carol Sandin Cooley: vocals

Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by Stephen Finley @ Digital Warehaus Productions
Assistant Engineer: Joshua Housley
Original Cover Art: www.cryptocurium.com

* Note: The first printing of this 7″ erroneously only credits Bliss Blood.  We apologize for the error.


B-Side  “My Desire” on YouTube

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