It has been five full Earth solar cycles since the last Linus Pauling Quartet studio album, All Things Are Light.  In the intervening years, the band has roamed these great lands in search to the heaviest of forms.  The keys to the forms do not present themselves readily to mortals and the quest often leads many to madness or death.  As such, little has been known from this band of travelers in the past few years beyond Horns of Ammon which, while issued two years ago, was actually written in the years leading up to ATAL.  Many considered the quest foolhardy and, given their long absence, had thought them dead.   Yet, despite all odds, the band has indeed returned – stronger, older, wiser, and ready to reclaim the throne of their land.

Through those years, they traveled to the highest mountains in search of men and women who were as ancient as they were wise.  They have sought out lost texts of the ancients at great peril.  They have basked in the love of the most beautiful of Elvin women and suffered the hatred and violence of the foulest mountain orcs.  They have risen to untold riches and fallen to the ranks of beggars scrambling for stale bread tossed aside in village markets.  Yet, through it all, they managed to honor the fellowship and attain those long sought after forms that would, though sheer magnitude of their mystical powers, yield unimaginable dimensions only visible upon the opening of the seventh eye.

Bag of Hammers represents the culmination of these years – an instrument by which listeners, partaking in the ancient ritualistic burning of the herb, can break-down the walls before them and attain the pure, majestic, plenary seventh level of heaviness.


Release date: 18 September 2012

Track Listing 

    1. Crom (4:03)
    2. She Did Not Know (5:36)
    3. Victory Gin (4:03)
    4. Starchimp (5:24)
    5. Rust (5:19)
    6. Saving Throw (5:01)
    7. Homonculus (3:12)
    8. Stonebringer (8:49)

All songs written and performed by the LP4:

Stephen Finley:  bass
Clinton Heider:  vocals, guitars
Charlie Horshack:  guitars, vocals
Larry Liska:  batterie
Ramon “LP4” Medina:  guitars

Vocals on “Rust” and voice of Freyja on “Crom”:  Mlee Marie
Hammond B3 on “Victory Gin”:  Eddie Hawkins

Recorded and Engineered by Stephen Finley @ Digital Warehaus Productions
Assistant Engineer: Andy DeAngelo
Mixed by the Linus Pauling Quartet
Mastered by Mark Kidney @ Digital Services
Original Album Artwork and Design: Shelby Hohl
Translation of The Song of Roland by C. K. Moncrieff (London, 1919 – public domain)

All Songs © 2012 by Linus Pauling Quartet, BMI
Recordings & Artwork (c) 2012 Homeskool Records, under license from LP4
Homeskool Records, 1001 Texas Ave. Ste 1400,  Houston,  TX 77002

UPC: 8-84501 73659-6
CD edition Catalog Number: CD-033-A


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Live at The Continental Club – Photos by Jason Smith

All Pictures by Jason Smith

At the Lion’s Den – Photos by Carol Sandin

All Pictures By Carol Sandin


The video for the lead track from Bag Of Hammers, “Crom,” is a four minute stop-action claymation epic created by the band over the course of seven plus months. The video saw an official release on Friday, August 03 of 2012 on Vice Magazine’s Noisey. And on Monday, August 06 we debuted the video in full-screen HD on Our Vimeo Channel

It should be noted that when Ramon showed Clinton some of the dailies, Clinton rubbed his chin and said, “More Blood!!! Needs…More…Bloooood!”  Needless to say, his request was granted and so, any of you who cannot abide by gratuitous clay creature slaughter should be hereby put on notice.

[PS. We did upload an HD version to youtube ( ) though it should be noted that their HD isn’t as good as Vimeo’s.]


Stills from the Crom


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