Bag Of Hammers is out today!!!!!!!

Sorry, I’ve been behind on our blog posts because I’ve been working on the video for “Victory Gin” which should be out sometime next week. But busy or not, I have to take a moment and let everyone know that today is the big day folks! Not only is the re-issue of D&D’s Baldur’s Gate available today but just as awesome is the fact that Bag of Hammers is available today!   Yes, after all this time, you can grab digital copies at all the big places that EMI (Homeskool’s distributor) services – ITunes, Amazon, etc etc etc.  And for those of you who want a physical copy, you can order those directly from CD Baby.  If you are in Houston, Clinton will run around town later today and drop them off at all the local record stores like Cactus, Vinyl Edge, and so on too.



PS.  We got a very nice review from our friends in Greece over at  You can read it here:







  1. Shiny new copies of the CD available at:

    Vinal Edge
    Sound Exchange
    Sig’s Lagoon

    These are all local businesses who support local bands, so show them some love! Take some time, visit the stores, walk around and I guarantee you will find SOMETHING you have to take home with you, just like I did when I dropped off the CDs!

  2. Will this be available on vinyl? I remember mention of a 2Xmono LP….. is that still coming out? Thanks!

  3. Dunno really. It’s kind of up to the record label. We do have a mono mix for the double LP should it ever see the light of day but the label has been somewhat quiet on that lately so sadly I suspect if it does come out on vinyl, it won’t be soon.