SXSW 2013, here we come!

Well, it is my great and humble pleasure to announce that we have been asked to perform at the upcoming 2013 South by Southwest festival this Spring. This will be our fourth(!!!) time to perform as an official showcasing act and we couldn’t be more happy to return to our fair and lovely state capital. It’s always been a blast to do these and while some people cynically may poo-poo it, SXSW has been (in a very literal and serious way) a huge life-changing thing for me so the naysayers can take your snarkiness elsewhere because I have a lot of good nostalgic emotional weirdness tied to the festival that makes it pretty special to me.  Nya! 

Anyhow, humble thanks to the kind folks at SXSW. 
We’re going full A/V craziness when we play, so be prepared!
Can’t wait to see you there!