WRIR’s Sunrise Ocean Bender Premiere of New EP (now in handy Podcast form)

KevinMcFadinGood news everybody!  No need to fire up the Tardis if you missed the premiere of our new EP on WRIR’s Sunrise Ocean Bender.  You, my time traveling friend, are in luck because Mr. Atavist (that’s him on the left) podcasts his program and you can now listen to the broadcast.

The program kicks off with our new EP and flows into some of our favorites like Abunai!, Bevis Frond, ST37, and a lot more and because Kevin is so classy, he ends his set with Judas Priests’ version of “Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)” which is crazy sick!

Anyhow, you’ll find the link to the podcast along with the program’s playlist here:  http://wrir.org/index.php?/blog/entry/10873/

Thanks Kevin and WRIR,
you folks are awesome.

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