July 5th – July 12 Shows (or Play LP4 Mix and Match)

Holy Crap!  July is shaking out to be a pretty damn busy month for us and it all pretty much plays out in a mere eight-day span with four live shows!!   So here we go, in chronological order…

Saturday 5 July!!!  


In what will be a week of mix and match your favorite LP4 members, it all kicks off Saturday the 5th with our old pals from Austin, ST37, over at Fitzgerald’s.  One of the support bands, Afterparty, is performing with a certain Telecaster wielding lad you may be familiar with – Charlie Naked.  It should be a good show and ST37 alone are worth the entrance.

Sunday 6 and Friday 11 July!!!


The very next day, it’s Album Release madness with an in-store performance by Hearts of Animals at Cactus Music.  Bonus – that show is free and sponsored by St. Arnold’s Brewery which means you also get a couple tasty free beers. The talented and lovely Mlee Marie has often graced our albums and we finally get to return the favor by playing on her new album.  The backing band is Joey Maines on drums (Mlee’s brother) and our own Steve and Clinton on the 4 and 6 string.  The official album release will be on Friday the 11th at Rudyard’s.  That show will be Free too and the line up is total A-List business.  Oh and you can pre-order the album here: http://heartsofanimals.bandcamp.com/ 

On a side note, you’ve likely seen the HOA pic of the band with the green screen behind them.  Well, a few months back while Mlee was playing around with cover ideas she asked me to key out the green screen just to see how it looked. So, I picked one pic from the shoot as a test just to show her how it could be utilized and, inspired by an old Camper Van Beethoven gag, I then slapped them on the cover of Relayer and then just got stupid after that.  Nothing ever came of these and they were never used but I thought the results were kind of funny so I figure this is likely a good opportunity to make use of a few images I had kicking around. Enjoy…

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Saturday 12 July!!!

Finally, the whole thing winds up the next night where we battle Austin’s madmen of  light and sound, Pong.  If you’ve never seen them live, this should be a treat.  They don’t play out often in Houston but when they do they bring an arsenal of lights that are just insane.  because of this, we will have to bring everything we’ve got if we want to stand a chance in repelling their relentless assault.

Should be a fun week.  Hope to see y’all.

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