Obligatory 2014 Houston Press Music Awards Post


I guess I should do this? OK.

Yeah so  Houston Press Music Awards for this year.   Um… apparently the voting ends today blah blah blah and we got nominated for some junk but a lot of other good bands got nominated for stuff too. If you are gonna vote there are a lot of good folks to choose from like the  ‘Moccasins, Buxton, Only Beast, Omotai, Ben Godfrey, BLACKIE, TonTons, Jealous Creatures, Modfag, and Giant Battle Monster.  Honestly, we have no idea why we are even included in there.

So, vote or don’t vote. It’s not like we sweat this stuff.  Who brings beer on Tuesday is a much bigger deal for us. I mean, HPMAs are nice and we are grateful for them to consider us and all but BEER?  That’s REAL world shit right there!

OK now that’s out of the way….

You guys know what opens today?  

Hells yeah!  

Guardians of the Galaxy!   

I am f#@king stoked!


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