It’s official – The C is for Cthulhu Video is done!!!


Wooooop!  Animated GIF Hi-Five!!!!!

Wooooop! Animated GIF Hi-Five!!!!!


Break out the Champagne, folks!  At 7:09PM GMT today, Clinton was the last to review the “C is for Cthulhu” video and give it a thumbs up!  It’s now 100% official; this huge beast of a project is done!!!

To give you an idea about how big a deal it is, keep in mind that we have been working on this for over a year.  The earliest e-mail that I can find that mentions the video as a storyboard is from August 3rd of 2013:

“…what I have worked out so far is Stevie (as some cross between Ahab and Herzog) leading an expedition to the island.  One of the members gets cold feet and Stevie pulls a gun on him to get him to continue.  The guy refuses and Stevie shoots him.  The rest of it isn’t fully worked out but the expedition continues and they read hieroglyphs or runes on some great door and push it open.   Cthulhu emerges and they flee in panic.  Cthulhu eats Stevie’s crew.  Stevie is cornered into the rocks and jumps into the ocean.  As the songs ends he washes ashore barely alive.”

So, assuming I wrote that not long after working out the first storyboard…let’s call it August 1st… Jeez!  That’s one year, two months, and 10 days from start to finish!!

And that’s not even counting back when we were just talking about crazy junk like this one idea we had where Cthulhu would attack railroad cars, pick up a Lone Star Beer  tanker, and drink it which would set Stevie into a rage that would make him grow 500 times bigger and get into a Godzilla fight with Cthulhu.  Wow!  Actually, come to think of it, that was a pretty boss idea!

Anyhow, it’s done with the local premiere happening at Rudz on October 25 and the world premiere happening on The Big Takeover’s website on the 28th.  Thanks everyone who helped out.  Here are some pics to recap this whole insane process.


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