Big Announcement! 2014 Tour Dates!!!!!!

For years, you’ve asked us to tour outside of Texas and while we’ve played a few festivals over the years we’ve never really done a big, Big, BIG tour before.  Well that day has arrived as over the next few weeks we will roll our way onto an adventure like never before.  Charlie has been busy preparing maps and pouring over as much material as he can in preparation for this and we think he’s booked us a pretty awesome tour.  The kick-off, of course, is this Saturday at Rudyard’s with Dallas’ epic heavy Wo Fat. From there we’ll have stops in the Dungeons of the Slave Lords, the rustic and charming Keep on the Borderlands, a quick stop to see the Shrine of the Kuo Tua (which is better to see in the Spring when the peonies bloom, but we’re on a schedule), the real happenin’ college town of Ravenloft, the scenic Forbidden City and their enthusiastic Dwellers, the wild and wooly Barrier Peaks, a required stop at the Temple of Elemental Evil (Larry is really into their chili dogs!), the world-famous White Plume Mountain (yes, THAT White Plume Mountain), and then winding up back in Houston for CCSD’s Novembeerfest!  Should be fun!  See you guys soon!

C is for Cthulhu 2014 Tour Dates 

10/25 – Rudyard’s British Pub
10/26 – Dungeons of the Slave Lords
10/27 – The Keep on the Borderlands
10/30 – Shrine of the Kuo Tua
10/31 – Ravenloft
11/1 – Forbidden City
11/2 – Barrier Peaks.
11/6 – Temple of Elemental Evil
11/7 – White Plume Mountain
11/8 – CCSD Novembeerfest

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