It’s CCSD’s Novembeerfest time again – over 250 gallons of homebrewed beers and our first live show in months!!!


Yes, folks.  The long wait is over!  After months of being holed up deep underground in our White Plume Mountain headquarters, we finally hit the stage again!  And is there any better way to return from the dead than to do it at this year’s 20th annual CCSD Novembeerfest?

That’s a rhetorical question there, son.  Of course there isn’t!

Now, we should mention that we have been asked to leave the big amps at home and Charlie will not be able to join us this year but fret not, friends!   Just because we won’t be fully armed and we’ll be missing a limb doesn’t mean we can’t cause horrendous damage.  Indeed, much like Ash in Evil Dead, we will be grafting a rock-n-roll chainsaw to our missing hand and be ready to rip shit up when we play some classics tunes, a few songs from the new album, and even a little Foghat and Deep Purple.  GROOVY!

Better yet, $20 bucks gets you all the homebrew you can drink and all the bratwurst, pork shanks, game hens, sauerkraut and  German potato salad you can shove in your face!  Oh and did we mention that we’ll be joined by  Project Grimm, The Windups, and Delorean Rising?  No? Well, we will and they’re going to be badass!

The whole thing runs from 2pm t0 10pm.  It’s always a good time for all and it’s kid friendly enough to where we’ll have to behave and watch our language on a couple songs. So come one, come all for ahead lies the great alliterative triumvirate – Beer, Brats, and Bands!

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