December News – Ampalanche release update, Novembeerfest wrap up, and Doomsgiving IV this Saturday

Strap yourselves in, folks.  We’ve got a lot of catching-up to do what with Ampalanche, Novembeerfest, and this Saturday’s Doomsgiving IV

Ampalanche Release News

Well lovely news,  the test pressings are done and Davide over at Vincebus Eruptum says they sound aces.  There are some videos that Davide posted on his Facebook showing the pressing plant making the test pressings that are really cool.  Here is a screen shot…



Neat huh?  Anyhow, the release got pushed back to January of 2016 and there are three editions coming out per VE:

  • EXTRA-LIMITED EDITION – 100 hand-numbered (001/100) copies on coloured (color #1) vinyl plus exclusive poster
  • LIMITED EDITION – 200 hand-numbered (101/300) copies on coloured (color #2) vinyl
  • STANDARD EDITION – 200 copies on black vinyl (first press)…eventually I’ll start a second press of 500 more copies on black vinyl later

So, 500 copies now, another 500 later.  These LPs will all come with free download codes for the album via our Bandcamp. ( If you want to skip the vinyl and just get digital, you’ll have to wait three months after the LP’s release. ) We may include a special bonus track in for the downloads as an “album only” download but we have to look into some stuff first and see if it is feasible.  So yeah, we are on track for a release to kick off 2016.


Novembeerfest wrap-up

Well, another Novembeerfest has come and gone.  As always it was fun as hell with great food, folks, organizers, a hella lotta beer that left Larry a bit sloshed during our set.  We were down a man, what with Charlie being out on paternity leave, but given we’ve been away from performing live for so long it was just wonderful to play for folks again.  As usual our thanks go out to the CCSD folks for having us.  Y’all are the best!

Here is a video of our drunky-drunk cover of Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ recorded by the good folks at Union of Human.  Sure it’s a little sloppy but, trust me, if you were the last band performing and surrounded by over 250 gallons of home-brewed goodness all day, you’d be just as toasted as we were!  😉


and last but not least.
This Saturday join us for
The 4th Annual Doomsgiving at Rudz!

Yes we had the honor of being asked by The Domstress herself to perform with Project Armageddon, The Dirty Seeds, and Serpent Sun for the 4th Annual Doomsgiving which is something Project Armageddon has been doing for a few years now.  The Doomstress promises great music and also adds that “This event will once again feature the customary Doomsgiving Table set and will also feature a displaying artist bringing music, art & photography together for a unique interactive experience that Doomsgiving has become known for. ”

It should be pretty fun and even though for obviously logistical reasons we’ll be leaving the light show at home this time, this will be our first show in months with the full band as Charlie(!!!) will be joining us again this Saturday.  So come on out and welcome Charlie back to the stage as we bring the LP4 machine back on-line in full loud-as-f@%# glory!





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