Just one more rehearsal then we hit the studio!!!!


OK actually, we’re already in the studio so I guess what I really mean is we’re only one rehearsal away from finally committing the new 15 minute epic “Jólaköttur” to recorded media for all of you folks to (we hope) enjoy.  Carol Sandin has been rehearsing with us for this one and it’s been great to have her in the studio again.  As if that is not freaking awesome enough our other auxiliary member Flip Osman will (albeit remotely) be contributing as well to the recording.   Yeah, we’re crazy excited about the prospect of a full 7-member LP4 recording which hasn’t really happened since Terrastock IV.  If we get lucky, it will make it out by Christmas but we all know how those things go.

In other news, we should be wrapping up the last scene from the long-delayed video for “Brisket” and maybe pull off a quickie video with a scaled down “Amapalanche” if we play our cards right. If that’s not enough, we’re trying to work on setting up one more show before the end of the year around the first week of December and we already have a show confirmed for January of 2017 so this should prove to be a very interesting time period for the LP4.

Anyhow, keep on rockin’ in the free world, friends
More updates coming soon.
Cheers y’all.

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