Thor – Photos Live 20 August 2005 – Rudyards

Ok here are a few of the Live Thor Photos!!!!

I just have to say that all of you who skipped out on THOR at Rudyard’s Pub last night missed out on one of the best Live shows I have EVER seen!

Oh I know what you are saying…”I’m too cooooool for Thor.” Well, Trevi’s wife Becky is now a proud owner of a mic stand that Thor bent with his own bare hands in his battle to defeat the creature that was lurking amogst the crowd. You, meanwhile, got nothin’ ! Don’t come crying to me now.

Only Trevi and his possee were savvy enough to show up. Goddamn right! That possee knows how to fuckin’ rock! And the gods of rock, seeing this, bestowed upon them a performance so mighty as to make bartenders weep. The metal gods, meanwhile, see you, curse your name, and send a plague fit only for the weak – endless nights of reality TV.

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  1. Thanks for keeping these shots up.. It was THOR’s best tour, even though we did play at some small holes….. Life is always interesting!!!! Steve Stack….

  2. You’re welcome. Steve. You guys were amazing! Thor is one of my heroes and in all honesty a performer I look up to without an ounce of Irony. A generous performer and a good guy to boot. Cheers to you and all my fellow Thorians