Show Announcement – Project Grimm, Linus Pauling Quartet, and From Beyond @ Rudz 04/21/2012

Yeayusss!! This is going to be some fucked-up heavy shit! We’re gonna have epic fog, lasers, crazy ass lights…plus we’re sandwiched between two great bands. On the front end, you have From Beyond who are this crazy ass Heavy Space Rock shit that just kills. Literally! Yes, I have seen people die watching this band because they were so heavy, their bodies were crushed under the relentless forces enacted by the riffs. So show up early, if you are man or woman enough to handle it. On the back end, you’ve got the re-united Project Grimm, who I’m sure are tired of hearing the words Mike Gunn tossed about with them but fuck it, John played in The Mike Gunn and this band carries the same stamp of the ball-crushing Rock that he established in that earlier band. Fuckin’ sweet-ass riffs, sardonic humor, and a bad ass rhythm section means ROCK!

Be there!

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