Yeahyusss! No Label Brewing Company is dropping a keg at the record release show!!!

vinyl7_foldoverHey Y’all! We have some super cool news.  Charlie was chatting with Chuck Roast over at Vinal Edge Records and Chuck told him that No Label Brewing will be providing “refreshments” or in layman’s terms – they are providing a keg of one of their oh so fine beers!   Now I dunno about you guys but that’s so epic that I did a really embarrassing jig on the sofa!

The event is free, the beer is too, and Hearts on Animals’ Mlee Marie will be joining us for a few songs which pretty much puts it over the top in our book.  So join us for some tunes, some beer, and you can also shop around at one of Houston’s coolest record shops.  Schweeet!


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