Vinyl is here! Also, a nice review from Ptolemaic Terrascope.

IphonePictureOfVinylYeahyuss!  Just got the vinyl in this afternoon! 

Final count is supposedly 217 and the vinyl is a gray marble.  Not sure what was the cause for the change from transparent gray we requested but we won’t split hairs; they are here!

So we will start stuffing them tonight and tomorrow, have copies for sale at the release show, and we hope to mail out all the pre-orders this coming Monday or Tuesday.   We strive to make our records look as good as they sound and so we extend our thanks and appreciation to A & R Records in Dallas for making it just under the wire, here in Houston for the great work on the covers, and of course the talented Michael C. Rodriguez for his excellent artwork. 

Also, one last thing we want to mention and that is the lovely review by Jeff Penczak over at Ptolemaic Terrascope.  Thanks.

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