Find What You Love… Record Release Recap and Vinyl now shipping


A grateful and humble thanks to all the good folks who turned out for our record release on Saturday.  That’s Chuck Roast, the kingpin of Vinal Edge, on the left there in front of the keg of No Label beer after we packed up our gear and were saying our goodbyes.

I have to say that, while we do enjoy playing clubs, there is something just so laid back and unencumbered about playing at a record store and Vinal Edge was just exactly what we wanted for this release – a no pressure and fun show with good folks behind the counter and in the aisles.  Given that these songs from the 7″ aren’t really intended to be played live, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to play these songs for folks before we retire them and, to be honest, I was kind of dreading doing the EP’s songs live but in the end, it all worked out better than I could have expected.

We sound checked to a sloppy version of Hawkwind’s “Master of the Universe” which is pretty impressive when you think about being sloppy on a one riff song.   A few level adjustments later and we  jumped into “Rust” with Mlee on keyboards and vocals – a precursor to the songs on the EP from Bag of Hammers – and then went into the three songs from the EP itself.  It was a cramped quarters, I hit a bad chord in one bar of “La Jetee”,  I started “USA” so fast that there was no way the ending wasn’t going to be a train wreck (completely appropriate for punk anyhow), and I couldn’t hear the vocals because I was behind the PA but none of that mattered – we laughed through the goofs and just had a hoot.  The rest of the set was a mix of songs from the last two albums and one of the better spots in the set was Charlie – mindful of small kids in the store – singing “Pizza in the Sink” which was inspired goofiness.  Afterwards, we hung out for a while partaking of that fine fine beer from the folks at No Label brewing before heading back to the space and a quick bite to eat over at Rudz before heading home to pass out. So, yeah, it was a good day.  Thanks everyone.

As for the 7″s?  Well, I spent all Friday night and part of Saturday packing 7″ records, numbering them, stuffing download cards, and slipping them in plastic sleeves.  A & R told us the final count was 217 but in reality it was 218.  So, somewhere out there, is copy 218 of 217.  The funny thing is how varied the vinyl looks.  Some are quite translucent while others are to varying degrees opaque but A & R marbled to them so that each is unique.  Kind of neat and we’re pretty happy with how they turned out.  Kudos!

Here are some shots of the vinyl and my high tech packing and mailing operation.

Cheers everyone and thanks

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